Going Deeper


Going Deeper is 60 minutes of in-depth Biblical teaching by Derek Stringer and Robin Wood.  The dates for our next Going Deeper series are TBC.

If you missed any of our previous series', with outstanding teaching from Derek Stringer and Robin Wood, click here listen to our sermon archive for the dates and themes listed below...

"Minor Prophet, Major Message" (Part 2)
Sunday 25th June 2017 - Hosea: Turning From Faithlessness To Faithfulness (Derek Stringer)
Sunday 2nd July 2017 - Joel: Turning From Loss To Gain (Derek Stringer)
Sunday 9th July 2017 - Malachi: Turning From Restoration To Reckoning (Robin Wood)

"Minor Prophet, Major Message" (Part 1)
Sunday 22nd January 2017 - Obadiah: Turning From Pride To Peril (Robin Wood)
Sunday 29th January 2017 - Haggai: Turning From Problems To Prosperity (Derek Stringer)
Sunday 5th February 2017 - Nahum: Turning From Wrath To Restoration (Robin Wood)
Sunday 12th February 2017 - Zephaniah: Turning From Loss To Gain (Derek Stringer)

"You've Got Mail"
Sunday 23rd October 2016 - Unpacking 2 John (Robin Wood)
Sunday 30th October 2016 - Unpacking 3 John (Robin Wood)
Sunday 6th November 2016 - Unpacking Jude (Derek Stringer)

"The EU Referendum"
Sunday 5th June 2016 - Christianity & Politics: "Yes" or "No"...?, Romans 13:1-17 (Derek Stringer)

"The Blessing Of God's Sovereignty"
Sunday 7th February 2016 - God's Sovereignty & Our Security, Romans 8:18-39 (Derek Stringer)
Sunday 14th February 2016 - God's Sovereignty & Our Choices, Romans 9-10 (Derek Stringer)
Sunday 21st February 2016 - God's Sovereignty & Our Inheritance, Ephesians 1:3-22 (Robin Wood)

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