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Here you can find out more about who we are and what we believe.

New to Church - The best place to begin your journey with us

Our Vision & Values - Information on what we hope Christchurch Baptist Church will be like

What We Believe - Outlines the beliefs we hold as central to our worship

Believer's Baptism - Understand why we feel baptism as a believer is important

Our Leadership Team - Some information about the people who lead our Church

Serving - Discover how God can use your unique gifts to love others

Giving - Explore the different ways you can give to Christchurch Baptist Church

Church Membership - Find out what it means to become a Member of Christchurch Baptist Church

Community Engagement - Information about how we are helping make Christchurch even better

Creation Care - Discover how we are caring for God's creation as a church

Safeguarding - Our policies and procedures to safeguard children and vulnerable adults

Additional Needs Inclusion - Find out how we seek to include those with special or additional needs

2020 Vision - Find out how we plan to extend and renew our buildings for mission and ministry

Room Bookings - Information on using our premises for your event

Policies & Procedures - Various documents detailing our good governance of various matters


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