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World Mission

As part of our calling to reach out with the Gospel to every tribe and nation, Christchurch Baptist Church supports missionaries and missional organizations all over the world.  Our heart is to advance the Kingdom of God not just in our area but to also empower others to reach out to people who haven't yet heard of the Good News of Christ.  

To read our World Mission Strategy document, click here.

To watch a YouTube video of our church members and mission partners share vision statement, click here.  "The whole church, taking the whole Gospel, to the whole world."

The people and agencies we currently supporting are...

Home Mission
Home Mission is all about helping Baptist churches and individuals in the UK to reach their mission potential and bring the love of God to their communities by giving grants to local churches, regional associations and three specialist which resource churches through legal, ministries and finance support .

Baptist Mission Society (Peru)
We are delighted to be linked with the Mahon family who are serving in Peru as part of BMS' long-term programme. Based in Iquitos, they are working alongside the Loreto Association of Baptist Churches as they look to implement a sustainability plan over the coming years.  They are involved in teaching and curriculum development at the NautaIntegral Mission Training Centre, and also support the running of the centre.  Dave and Michele are both Baptist ministers, and have served at Brockley Baptist Church in south-east London for four years.  To receive occassional updates from the Mahon family, click here to add yourself to our Mahon Family (BMS) World Mission Link Group

Stephanie Darling (Malawi)
Stephanie teaches several courses at the Evangelical Bible College in Malawi and has been with Serving In Mission (SIM) since 2003.  She also teaches Christian counselling and takes students into remote areas to share the gospel.  Stephanie was a placement student at Christchurch Baptist Church whilst studying at Moorlands College (2000-2003).  To receive occassional updates from Stephanie Darling, click here to add yourself to our Stephanie Darling World MIssion Link Group.

Smile Charity (Uganda)
Smile Charity Uganda focusses on children-at-risk through empowering families and the Church.  They work toward holistically empowered and transformed lives through education, practical evangelism initiatives and community outreach programs in Uganda.  Their aim is for long term rebuilding of lives through six domains - evangelism, education, development, empowerment, rebuilding and food security.  To receive occassional updates from Smile Charity Uganda, click here to add yourself to our Smile Charity Uganda World Mission Link Group.

Esther Boulton | Ekisa Ministries (Uganda)
Esther Boulton is working with Ekisa, Uganda, who envision a Uganda where every child grows up in a loving family, regardless of their disability. Ekisa believe that every person deserves to be included in a community that recognises their value and unique contribution. They dream of the day when differences are celebrated, no more children need to be institutionalised, and people with disabilities are given the unconditional love and support they need to grow and thrive. Today, Ekisa stand in the gap and come alongside children and their families as they rewrite the story of disability in their communities.  If you would like to make a financial gift to support the mission and ministry of Esther Boulton, click here.  To receive occassional updates from Esther Boulton, click here to add yourself to our Esther Boulton (Ekisa) World Mission Link Group.

'H' | Serving Persected People In Asia
'H' is serving a persecuted people in Asia and is themselves at risk of persecution for their faith.  We are proud to support 'H' in this pioneering role.  H's personal details are withheld to safeguard their identity.  


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