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Mentoring Matters

An Exciting Discipleship Opportunity…
In January 2017, we launched an exciting new mentoring programme at CBC which has a big vision: ‘Everyone at Christchurch Baptist Church…a Mentor or a Mentee.’  The programme is called Mentoring Matters.

What Do We Offer…?
The idea is simple.  We have identified, equipped and released a trained team of mentors within the church who are matched to mentees to engage in a dynamic, intentional, voluntary relationship of trust in which one person (the mentor) enables another person (the mentee) to progress in their Christian lives and develop their God-given potential.

What Is Mentoring…?
Mentoring is not counselling.  The mentors’ role is mostly non-directive.  One of the mentor’s primary functions is to enable mentees to learn from their experience – to reflect on what is happening, to make sense of it and to decide how to act, in order to produce a different (better) outcome in a similar situation in the future.

Often, but not always, a mentor will have been through many of the things the mentee is grappling with and come out the other side with some wisdom and insights that will be useful for those who follow on after them.  Good mentors draw on their experience in a mentoring session; great mentors do so in a way which serves the mentee and never focuses the attention on themselves.

What Training Has Been Given To Mentors…?
Every mentor has attended up to five training sessions before being matched to a mentee.  Mentors also have the ongoing support of mentoring supervision, as well as quarterly review/refresher sessions.

What Are The Aims & Outcomes..?
We know that there is no ‘silver bullet’ or ‘quick fix’ when it comes to the issue of disciple-making.  Mentoring is all about the transformation which comes from a two-way relationship.  Our prayer is that God will use the mentor-mentee relationships to (1) stretch the mentors to grow in prayerfulness, engagement with the Bible, and dependence upon God but also (2) to encourage mentees to deepen their relationship with God, clarify what God wants them to do, and develop as followers of Christ who will make even more difference in the world.

What Is Expected Of A Mentee..?
During the first couple of mentoring sessions, Mentors and Mentees will compare and contrast their expectations to ensure there is no confusion about the purpose of the mentoring relationship.  To find out more about what is expected of Mentees, click here.

Interested?  What Next..?
If you are interested to know more and/or be matched to a mentor, please contact the church office or complete an online request to be matched with a Mentor.

Mentoring Young People
When a young person is mentored by an adult mentor, the mentor is expected to follow our Young Person Mentoring Policy and is subject to the completion of a 0-18s Mentoring Agreement.

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