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The churches of Christchurch have organised a General Election Hustings which will be attended by Christopher Chope (Conservative), Simon McCormack (Independent), Mike Cox (Liberal Democrats), Susan Graham (The Green Party), Joanna Howard (Labour), Steve Unwin (UKIP) and Sasha Jolliffe Yasawi (Animal Welfare Party) who are each standing as candidates for the election on 04 July 2024*. 

* Trevor Parsons (Social Democrat Party) and Robin Adamson (Reform UK) delcined our invitation to attend.

You are warmly invite to attend the gathering at GodFirst Church, 7pm-9pm, Friday 28 June.  The Hustings will also be live-streamed to GodFirst's YouTube channel:

If you would like to submit a question(s) for our panel of candidates to respond to, click here or the grahpic below:

What Is A Hustings?
A hustings is an open meeting held in the run up to an election.  It’s a chance for voters to meet the candidates who want to represent them in parliament.  The candidates will answer a series of questions that give people the chance to hear their views on a range of issues that will affect them and their community.  The structure for the evening is outlined below.  The host will be Revd Chris Brockway, Minister (Team Leader of Christchurch Baptist Church).

Doors Open
Anyone wishing to attend the Hustings is invited to take their seats from 6.30pm but before 6.55pm.  Upon entry, there will be an opportunity to submit questions at the reception area.  Alternatively, questions can be submitted in advance online.

The churches will not be circulating any literature which promotes any of the parties or candidates.  Any literature distributed during the event, by candidates (or others), must be imprinted with the name and address of the printer and publisher otherwise it will be removed by the organisers.  For guidance visit the Electoral Commission.  The organisers reserve the right to prohibit the distribution or display of resources which are deemed offensive, inflammatory or inappropriate. 

We will start promptly at 7pm with some opening words of welcome and an explanation of the format and rules.  Timings decribed below are subject to change.

Introductory Statements From Candidates
Each candidate will be invited to make an introductory statement which will be strictly time limited.  There will be a time-keeper who will be visible to all candidates and the audience.  The time-keeper will clearly indicate when there are 30 seconds remaining, followed by a silent countdown when 10 seconds remain.  Candidates will draw lots before the event commences to determine the order in which they’ll speak.

Questions & Answers
Audience members will submit questions beforehand.  To submit a question(s) in advance (before 4pm, Thursday 26 June 2024), click here.  Question papers can also be submitted at the event.  Questions will be grouped by theme and primarily asked from the floor by the proposer.  To avoid repetition, only one question will be asked around a common theme.  Where possible, passing reference will be made to the quantity of folk proposing the same or similar question(s). 

Candidates will respond in an order determined appropriate to the question by the host.  Supplementary questions will be taken at the hosts discretion from audience members raising their hands.  The host will seek to ensure each candidate has a fair chance to answer questions, and where appropriate, a reasonable opportunity to respond to points made against them by other candidates.  Due to the number of candidates in attendance, responses will strictly time limited.  The time-keeper will clearly indicate when there are 30 seconds remaining, followed by a silent countdown when 10 seconds remain. 

The event will be run in such a way that does not promote a particular candidate or party, or disadvantage others.

Concluding Remarks
The event will finish not later than 9pm with expressions of thanks and concluding remarks from the host.  Candidates are welcome to remain afterwards to respond privately to those wishing to ask specific questions of them.

This event will be funded entirely by the local churches.



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